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Types of Radio Communication Technology

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Radio is an extremely low-energy type of electromagnetic radiation used to transmit signals, typically over short wireless networks or long distances. This technology dates back to the beginnings of the 20th century and was first put into use by the United States Navy. The transmission of information via radio waves was first possible using antenna systems and then later developed in the radios of the period. It was not until the Second World War that radio communication really started to take off.

During the Second World War radio operators all over the world managed to send out broadcasts which were so powerful they could be heard from satellites orbiting the globe. As a result of these worldwide broadcast efforts Radio helped provide news and information to people in areas where they were unable to get news through other means. Today radio can be used for just about any purpose and is becoming more widely used by businesses and individuals worldwide. In this article we will be looking at some of the Radio transmitters which have been used throughout history.

The first radio transmitter was invented by RCA, who is the leader in the broadcasting industry today. They received their license from the FCC in 1937 and were able to successfully sell many different radios, including one that transmitted two radio waves for just pennies each. Throughout the years different radios have been developed and included some additional features such as transmitters, receivers and modems. Many of the most popular and common types of radio waves being used today are:

Ham Radio. The ham radio was probably invented by someone who wanted to make a radio that was strong enough to receive signals from an airplane, but weak enough to avoid interference from other communications devices. Today there are many different radios that are categorized as ham radios, most notably those which are made by the FCC or Federal Radio Commission. Ham radios can receive and be sent information from other ham radios and also from other wireless devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Antenna Radio. This type of radio is usually used by police departments when they want to communicate with someone outside of their jurisdiction and is primarily used for emergencies, weather conditions, and distress communications. Antenna radios are also known by other names such as: receive-only radios, scanner radios and netbooks.

Shortwave Radio. Shortwave radio communications are those which are able to pick up and transmit radio waves from a fixed point to a portable device. The term ‘shortwave’ is typically used to describe only these kinds of radios. The earliest forms of shortwave radios were constructed from a simple transmitter mounted on a fixed vehicle. Modern day shortwave radios are much smaller than their predecessors and are usually carried on a laptop. There are several different kinds of shortwaves which are being used for communication; however, not all of these types are equally effective in certain situations.